Why Is My Disposable Vape Blinking? What It Means & Quick Fixes

Disposable vapes are slim, typically cylindrical pieces of tech that create unforgettable nicotine hits and bursts of flavor. Disposables are by far the easiest vaping device on the market. Forget prep time and customization options. These slimline, featureless electronic devices are designed to be used straight away.

Like any electronic device, disposable vapes can crash. If your disposable vape blinks, you are just one of the thousands of vapers who have to search the internet for answers. Even the Elf bar best disposable vapes are prone to problems. Luckily, we’ve been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt.

Reasons for Disposable Vape Pens Blinking

Did you know about disposables blinking before you started vaping? It is not uncommon for new vapers to feel stumped when their device suddenly starts flashing, especially if they have opted for a simple disposable vape pen. Disposables tend to have very few light-up features, which makes this problem all the more worrying.

The truth is that it happens every day, but what causes blinking lights? Some vape gurus claim that a blinking light is always an electronic fault, but this is not the case. Keep reading to get the real answer to the popular search query ‘why is my disposable vape blinking?’

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Other reasons why your brand new disposable vape’s not working? Don’t worry – we’ve got solutions.

Dead Battery

The most common reason why vapes start blinking is the battery. Have you lost track of the last time you charged your vape pen? Was it more than a few days ago? The chances are that the battery is dead, and the handy in-built flashing light feature is warning you that you need to plug in.

Low-battery lights are more common for rechargeable devices, but some disposable brands also include this helpful feature.

Low Battery Solutions

The solution to low battery power is simple; just plug it in. Most of the time, manufacturers put the charge port in a visible, easy-to-find spot. You might find it on the side of your device or even on the bottom. That being said, charge ports can be hidden under a screw top or a rubber plug. If you are struggling to find it, read the user manual that came with the device.

If you are impatient, buy a mod device that allows you to switch dead batteries for fully charged batteries. A good example is a lithium-ion battery, which is compatible with many vape devices. You can simply dispose of these batteries and insert new ones into your pen. This is the quickest and most seamless way to solve your blinking light issue.

Of course, a lot of disposables are not designed for multiple uses. If you can’t find a USB port anywhere on your device, the likelihood is that it isn’t rechargeable.

Low E-liquid

Is your disposable blinking? Still? It might have run out of e-liquid. It is difficult to spot when electronic devices are low on vape juice, especially if they are simple disposable vape pens. Whereas advanced mods tend to have a transparent section that allows vapers to see into the tank, vape pens tend to have simple, featureless exteriors.

New vapers are more susceptible to the dreaded empty tank. As you become more attuned to your e-liquid usage, you will be able to predict when your tank is running on empty.

Low E-Liquid Solutions

So, you’ve realized that your e-liquid is running low. It’s time to fill up with your new favorite vape juice.

When it comes to disposables, refilling is easy. It is just a case of unscrewing the fill port, squeezing your e-liquid into the tank, and screwing the lid back on again.

Some brands use rubber stoppers instead of caps. Just remove the stopper and complete the same process. Refilling an open-system pod-based device is just like filling a traditional tank.

If you have a closed-system pod-based device, you won’t be able to refill your vape juice. Closed-system pods are better known as pre-filled pods. As the name suggests, they come pre-filled with vape juice and can’t be opened or refilled. Simply throw away your empty pod and slot in a new one.